Monday, February 17, 2014

Wide Awake Woman: Heather Waxman

Here we are, another Monday! Another Wide Awake Woman! Meet Heather Waxman.

Heather Waxman is a soul sister and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She wears many hats including life coach, writer, musician, and speaker. She released her first meditation album, Soul Sessions, this past December and is the process of writing her first book due out later this year. Soul Sessions is a guided meditation album like no other infusing her angelic singing voice with soulful affirmations and whispering words of peace and bliss.

I felt a strong energetic tug from the Universe to befriend her a year and a half ago and now she is one of my dearest friends in the entire world. She has a desire to make the world a better place through her fierce passion and love of meditation and music and so much more. You'll see as you read below. She is inspiring and full of so much love and light. Her glowing energy just pours from your screens!

Heather, tell us about you:

I am a life coach, writer, musician, and speaker. But underneath that, I’m just a woman who is a happy learner and a hungry student of life. I’m here to share my struggles and victories in hopes that people resonate with them and see a piece of themselves in them. I am committed to helping people connect with their intuition, so they can show up for life as the happiest, most authentic version of themselves. I believe the key to everything you need is already inside of you.

We all share in the ups and downs of life. Was there a moment in your life that awakened you into owning your light?

My wide awake moment came when everything in my world fell apart. I had a horrible eating disorder, was addicted to exercise, hated my job, and was in the midst of witnessing my parents’ traumatic divorce. With everything I did, I felt like a piece of my soul was dying. I think that hitting our version of a rock bottom is often the catalyst for us to really step into our true potential.

One night, I came home from a hot yoga class and my first move was to the kitchen cabinet. I was ready to start a binge session to numb out the pain and anxiety I was feeling in my life. As I opened the cabinet door, something inside of me said, “Don’t do it!” I slammed the door shut and hit my knees. At that moment, I said a prayer to the Universe. I didn’t really have faith but I had a desire to have faith, and that’s all we need. I asked for help to change my habits and become truly happy. The next day, things started to change for me. Every day, I made small changes towards living the life of my dreams.

As we awaken to our light and practice following our inner guide, it becomes more evident that we need to check in and make sure we are thinking with our hearts. How do you practice thinking with your heart?

Thinking with your heart is a practice. That’s what it was for me and continues to be today. Just like we hit the gym to build physical strength, we have to hit the meditation pillow to build mental strength. The single-most important factor that helped me to think more with my heart is meditation. I try to make my life a living meditation. To me, meditation and thinking with your heart are the same, because both are just a manifestation of being present. Start with 1 minute every morning just listening to one of your favorite songs and focusing on your breath. Or you can listen to my guided meditations.

In day-to-day life, if you feel like you’re stuck thinking with your head and want to think with your heart, a great question to ask yourself is, “What would Love do?” You will always intuitively know the answer to that one. Thinking with your heart takes a lot of patience. It’s so easy to impulsively send that text, email, or comment. You have to be dedicated and you have to be present, and that question is a great one to bring you back to thinking with your heart.

How do you continue to lead a miraculous, authentic life?

What has helped me to continue to live a miraculous, authentic life is switching the way I see things. I see things through spiritual sight instead of physical sight. That means I see every situation and every relationship in my life as a teacher. I believe that life happens for me – not to me. Everything and everyone comes to me as love or as a call for love. Remembering this has brought me so much peace and has helped me learn a lot of tough (but profound) lessons in my life.

Tell us, how do you deal with stress?

Stress is all over the place! Especially now, there is so much chaotic energy and things are moving at a faster and faster pace. One of my favorites is a 1-minute meditation that you can do anywhere. You breathe in for 5 seconds, hold your breath for 5 seconds, and then exhale for 5 seconds. You can do that for one to four rounds. It will instantly bring your stress levels down and help you focus and think more clearly.

Letting my creative goddess shine is another great way for me to reduce stress. Often times, we’re stressed out because there is pent-up creative energy inside of us that needs to be expressed. I love to hop over to my piano and play and sing. Some of my greatest inspirations have come to me in moments when I was stressed and decided to tickle the piano keys. My meditation album, Soul Sessions, was written when I was going through a really tough transition in my life. It really helped me heal.

Do you have a favorite quote?

I have a million favorite quotes. But the one I’m digging right now is an affirmation I created for my upcoming book: “Compassion is the doorway to acceptance.” You can tweet that. ;)

What is one message you can leave us with today?

I have a desire to help others remember the truth about who they are…that they already have everything they need inside of them and that they don’t need to stand under a spotlight to be important. There is a beautiful inner spotlight within everyone that, when we allow it to shine, radiates outward and helps others remember their inherent worthiness. It’s a ripple effect that we are all capable of creating.

So beautiful, right?

Heather is offering one lucky Your Wide Awakening reader, a free digital download of her guided meditation album, Soul Sessions. To win, in the comments below, tell us why you would be interested in receiving her mediation album. A winner will be chosen this Friday so be sure to check back at Your Wide Awakening Facebook Page at the end of the week!

If you would like to learn more and/or work with Heather, please visit her website, and say hello on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Love & Light,

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