Monday, January 13, 2014

Wide Awake Woman: Katie DePaola

Welcome to the first installmant of The Wide Awake Woman! I can't wait to share with all of you the first gorgeous ray of light to the blog. Meet Katie DePaola:

I met Katie through a Divine intervention.(as all things are!) We both attended the Daily Love's Heart Therapy session hosted by Mastin Kipp in DC last November. I saw her posting on Instagram below some of the pictures from the event and knew I had to know her. Her positive energy and delightful spirit could be felt through cyberspace!

Katie is a Life and Business Coach. Most of her client's conversations center around the areas of business, relationships, creativity and self-love. Her office is in Washington, DC, where she calls home. Her focus is to help her clients clear blocks and create the lives they want by focusing on the core principles of beauty, self-care, gratitude, choice and desire.

In addition to coaching, Katie owns her own organic spray tan business, Whole Glow. Katie says, "inner and outer beauty are the core values of Whole Glow, and we’re working to build a holistic health and beauty haven for women. Whole Glow started as a spray tanning company in 2012. We are grateful to witness the instant joy this 7-minute treatment brings to women (and men!). It is the quintessential way to get your glow on."

Katie epitomizes a Wide Awake Woman. Katie has had some obstacles in her life and has overcome them. She is a goddess of inspiration. She is brave and bold and pours her heart and soul to her life's work. She lives an authentic life. As a child, she claims that she struggled with the pursuit of perfection and its resulting anxiety, starting at five years old. While her kindergarten classmates slept, she spent naptime obsessing over her crush, the morning’s Kumon test and her teacher’s next gold star.

In her early twenties, she found tools like yoga and acupuncture which helped immensely, but the game of compare and contrast continued on. Someone always had a smaller waist, better downward dog or less wrinkled forehead. She still did not feel good enough.

Deep inside, she knew the truth—that we are all perfect just as we are. But at the time, she didn’t have the inner power to see herself that way. She was still obsessed with fixing herself. The ironic part was that we are never broken. We are just afraid. So she unraveled her fears. And now she is helping others do the same!

What was Your Wide Awake moment?
January 7, 2012. I watched a Gabrielle Bernstein lecture on YouTube called, Eff It, Let's Go! This lecture gave me the courage to make a big change. I had hit rock bottom and knew I needed to make a big shift. I started running a spray tanning business out of my apartment and very soon after we opened our first location in Washington D.C.

When did life coaching become part of your business equation?
Spray tanning is a great step towards feeling beautiful, but we wanted to help our clients discover their inner glow too. We believe a real glow involves a much deeper conversation about who we are being in this life and what we are here to do. As an organic spray tan business, we are physically spraying our clients from head to toe, which means you have to take off most of your clothes as we apply the product. That can leave a lot of women in a very vulnerable situation. Some women cry and are deeply ashamed of their bodies. With our holistic approach, women come in for a spray tan, share their stories, and leave with advice. One of my rules in the spray tent is: no self deprecating talk is ever allowed.

What is the goal of each session with you?
My job is to help my clients find their inner and outer beauty. Once we uncover that and unravel the layers, we are able to create more of it in the world by letting their light shine. A woman's ideal life is absolutely possible! I play so that I can be part of the process. So that I can understand personal development on a microscopic level and partner with the people who want to bring more magic, beauty, innovation and love into the world.

What are some daily tools you apply in your own life to maintain balance?
On my cell phone, I have positive affirmations that pop up throughout the day. Also, I love to paint, dance and art journal.I dig green smoothies, meditate on a pillow, free write and juice as often as I can.

What is your favorite quote? "You are the one you have been looking for."

If you are interested in a coaching with Katie, contact her here. If you are local to the Washington DC Metro Area, be sure to check out Whole Glow for your spray tanning needs!

Love and Light,

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