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Guest Post: Heather Waxman on BODYpeace

I am honored to introduce you to my soul sister, soul partner in crime, coach, friend, and inspiration to the blog today. I know you will enjoy her insight and wisdom as I much as I do. Every time we talk, I leave with a brighter spirit and feel spiritually fed. Heather will be releasing her first guided meditation album next month (eek! Can't wait!)

The One Thing You’re Not Doing to Love Your Body

Diets don’t work. We know this. Fruits and veggies are our ticket to body health. We know this. So, what is it that is really holding us back from loving our bodies when we have all the right tools in front of us?

The conversation around body image has forever been a hot-button topic and it has certainly played a huge role in my journey to BODYpeace. I suffered from anorexia nervosa for six years, binge eating for two years, and exercise obsession for almost all of that. Basically, I really wanted my voice to matter and, I figured, if I was skinny that people would really care about what I had to say.

Throughout those 8 years, I tried all of the practical stuff to become recovered, whatever that means. But that’s another conversation. ;) I tried gaining weight according to my BMI chart. In college, I was even threatened to be kicked out of school if I didn’t gain weight. So, that worked temporarily because I wanted to stay in school. But every time I did the whole recovery thing, nothing would stick. I would gain the weight and then lose it right back. I felt out of control. I felt like other people were telling me how to live, what weight to be, and what to eat … and the control I was seeking was just being ripped right out from under me.

It wasn’t until I invited a spiritual conversation around the body into my life that things really began to shift. I remember the night so clearly. I was holding the snack cupboard door open, one hand propped on my hip, and I was staring at the giant bag of sea salt popcorn that I was ready to devour. My eyes welled up with tears. I’d had it. “No!” I screamed. I bolted downstairs, hit my knees, and sobbed. “God, Universe, whatever you are. Please help me. Please help me. Please,” I said.

The next morning, something shifted inside of me. What I didn’t realize at the time was, that night, I’d said a prayer. When you pray, you ask the Universe to help you. And so it did. I was led to A Course in Miracles, a metaphysical text about living a life filled with love and releasing your limiting beliefs, and started to become a self-help junkie.

After years of patience, practice, and gentle self-care, I’ve come to really love my bod pod for what it truly is: a vehicle through which I express love.

When I said that prayer that night, I asked for a miracle. And I got one: a new perception on my life, which allowed me to be led, one moment at a time, to the right teachers and situations and relationships to help me put the magnifying glass on the limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is listen. And I listen through meditation. The practice of meditation has changed my life and, without it, I wouldn’t be in recovery today. Meditation has given me the green light to see my body first with spiritual sight and then with physical sight...

You know how people say your body is a temple? Let’s dive into that for a sec. What do you know to be true about a temple? Every temple has an altar, and the altar is the holiest spot in the entire building. The building is super important because it houses the altar, but the most important aspect of the temple is the altar itself. That is the place where all the super powerful stuff goes down. The same is true for you. Your body is a temple. Your inner soul sister is the altar. Your body is a container that holds the most precious part of you: your inner soul sister, which is your very own sacred space of truth. That’s where the powerful stuff goes down for you. So, it’s really important that we take care of our bodies, so we can nurture our inner soul sister and be open to receiving the guidance that is all around us at all times. By nourishing our bodies with a spiritual practice, healthy foods, and exercise, we are, in effect, nourishing our inner soul sister. When she is in tip-top shape, we can open up our minds to receive guidance and, therefore, fall more in love with our bodies.
Your body is an instrument of love. When you look at your body that way, it is much easier to make the best decisions for your body, because you’re tapping into your intuition. You’re seeing with spiritual sight.

The true purpose of your body cannot be seen with your physical sight. The true purpose of your body can only be truly understood with your spiritual sight. You gotta put on your spiritual glasses and look through new lenses. You might have never put on your spiritual glasses before, and that’s totally cool. The fact that you’re reading this now means you’re willing to at least put them on, so you can trust you’re exactly where you need to be.

So, how do you begin a journey to BODYpeace? Here are my top three tips:

1. Meditate! Start here with my FREE meditations. Treat yourself to getting comfy cozy with your inner soul sister. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

2. Check your self-talk. Do you talk to yourself like a soul sister or do you talk to yourself like a bully? Check yourself. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your child or your BFF. Be gentle and uber patient with yourself.

3.Bless your food and bless your bod. At each meal, I say, "I bless my food. I bless my body. I bless what this food can do for my body." When I invite Spirit into the meal, I can re-focus on the purpose of food: to nourish my body so I can be a vehicle to express love and kindness at my highest capacity.

4. When you feel triggered around a food, ask yourself “Will this food heal me or hurt me?" You intuitively know the answer. If the answer is hurt me, you can out yourself to a friend or someone who will be supportive. We all need someone we can turn to in moment of weakness.

Did this reasonate with you? Share with us your thoughts on BODYpeace...
Stay lovely,
Heather Waxman is a life coach, writer, musician, and speaker. Here upcoming meditation album, Soul Sessions, will be released in December 2013! For more inspiration and all things soulFULL, come visit her at her web site or say hi on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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