Friday, October 11, 2013

False self v. True self

Virtually any disease, addiction, disorder, ailment is a daily battle with your false self. Metaphysically speaking, mental/physical disease is a breach of a relationship with yourself or someone else in your life. In Louise Hay's groundbreaking book, You Can Heal Your Life, Hay reveals that failure to deal with spiritual, emotional, mental or physical issues is likely to result in the manifestation of illness or dis-ease in the body.

When we are conceived, we are a swirling vortex of divine energy and unconditional love. The body develops around this energy so we can enter human life on the Earth. This divine energy is pure, real, and radiating with beautiful energy.

When we interact with our new human family, we learn fear or we watch others engaging in their false self. We also learn true self which is all loving, forgiving, understanding and nurturing.

We are human beings so we are meant to experience both selves, (its perfectly ok to experience false self thoughts! We get triggered! The dark inspires the light.) but the real practice (holy practice!) is not spend too much time focusing our minds from a false self perspective.

What we focus on becomes our reality.

A false self is shaming. The false self complains. The false self gets jealous, blames others, resents others, and feels separation from others.

Most of the time if we have a illness, we have something that needs to be healed from our past.
It is a daily struggle against our false self thoughts. The false self tells you, "You are not good enough. Look at you, no one loves you. You make others lives more difficult. I will never be __________ as her. There is no hope for me.Everyone else is happy but me" But beyond all those false self thoughts is a little voice (the inner child-your true self) desperate to get your attention, "its saying, you are love, You are special, You matter, Can you hear me?" That's when the work begins to peel back the layers of what's triggering these false self thoughts.

In the work that I do, I help people peel back those layers and get to the root of the issue ( the root usually looks like divorce, trauma, abandonment, illness, shame, death in the family, parental/societal expectation for constant achievement, etc.) The issues I hear a lot are " My mom doesn't love me. My dad left us. I was constantly criticized, I feel different than my family". With my clients, I help them heal that through mediation, talk therapy, yoga, and my love and compassion that extends from my very own heart. When you don't allow yourself to heal or you judge your feelings, you are repressing them which leads to a life that is depressing. The real you gets blocked. The real you is needed in this world. You have a gift that one else has. There is only one YOU.

Once we can work on ways to commit to healing the past and accept what is done, we can work on the present on ways to cope with the false self thoughts that enter our minds on a daily basis. Its definitely a big ol practice and some days are better than others. (Take it from me!) Life is a series of ups and downs. No one gets out of life without losing a love one, experiencing pain and a heartbreak, or a traumatic experience.

In the next six weeks, starting October 15, (also the day of birth for my life coaching business!!!) I will be exploring different ways the false self pops up in our daily lives. You may find yourself in many of these posts and that's great! We are here to grow, learn,and teach one another.

Love and Light ALWAYS,

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