Thursday, September 26, 2013

Muddy waters...

Muddy waters...

Picture this: You are swimming in a lake, enjoying the beautiful scenery, the soft gentle breeze. The sun feels warm and heavenly. The water is cleansing and relaxing. Your cup runneth over. However, the time comes when you need to get out and get back to work. As you near the edge of the lake, you start to tread in some muddy waters. The mud feels thick and squishy. It's trying to pull you down into its heaviness and darkness. You get stuck. It's cold and lonely and all you want to do is either get back in the lake or get out to do what you do best: serving others. But you cannot get out or can you?

Guess who was in muddy waters all last week and into this one? ME! Yep, got stuck!

It is very dangerous territory for me to get stuck. My ego mind starts saying silly stuff from the past and I get caught up in it. "See, you are back at square one...knew you couldn't do it. He's right. She's right. I can't (fill in the blank)"

We have two choices in how our days should unfold. Fill your bucket up and then go fill up other's buckets. How you fill your bucket up is up to you. Nature walks, long runs, yoga, meditating, prayer, playing with animals, hot showers, etc. are great bucket fillers. Also, by filling up other people's buckets, yours gets full too! Sometimes during the day, you step in muddy waters. The muddy waters may look like this: A dish gets broken. A boss gets on you about your tardiness. You receive some bad news. A person close to you has bad energy. You break your phone. You make a mistake. You start reliving a moment from the past.

Life can be difficult at times. There are moments that can take your breath away and leave you in a state of shock.

Muddy waters take on all kinds of appearances. But you CAN get out. You can pick yourself up and get back into the present moment.

1. Breathe. Keep breathing. Feel what you are feeling. Did you make a mistake? Give yourself a big fat hug and say its okay. What can you learn from that mistake? Are you reliving an argument you had last week? Are you worried about what others are thinking and saying about you? Feel what you are feeling. Breathe into that and let it go.

2. Identify the feeling. Is it shame, guilt, impatience, irritation, anger? Really feel where it lives in your body.

3. Now chose a better feeling thought. The Universe wants us to feel good all the time. Suffering is what we decide for ourselves. Let's say you had an argument with someone. Are you irritated? Let the irritation feeling come up...give yourself some space and now chose a better feeling thought. Can you be hopeful that the situation will work itself out? Can you send love to the situation and pray for healing? Can you see that its all working out for your favor? Resentment and anger keep you in the muddy waters. And the longer you keep your feet in the muddy water, the deeper you go.

This healing could happen over a course of a few days or in a few moments. But as you use these tools, it gets easier. You can tell when you start to get stuck in the muddy waters. And you can use these mindfulness tools to keep from going deeper. This is called emotional resilience. Hmmmm. that word resilience is beautiful. It's inspiring. Emotional resilience simply refers to one’s ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. More resilient people are able to “roll with the punches” and adapt to adversity without lasting difficulties, while less resilient people have a harder time with stress and life changes. You can improve upon this skill by working it often by using the tool above.

What does emotional resilience mean to you?

Love and Light ALWAYS,

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  1. Jensy...I always knew you'd do something great. So proud of you. congrats!