Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is the End of a Relationship a Bad Thing?

In the last month or so, I have been asked about relationships by friends and relatives. I feel there is any energy in the Universe that the world is awakening to the fact that the end of a relationship is not necessarily a bad thing.

Let me explain...

Yes, it can be heartbreaking and painful. Believe me, I have been there.

I have sobbed in my bed with wads of kleenex, depressing music, and sense of hopelessness. But there comes a point where the tears dry up and you put your big girl panties on. You set out to be brave and try at it all over again!

Can you look at the end of a relationship as you are not growing in the same direction? As you grow and evolve in your own life, the people in your life must grow with you or the relationship may not match your ever evolving Self.

One of two things can happen towards the seemingly end of a relationship: Your friend or romantic partner could be inspired by your changing ways and grow with you or the relationship will end because you two are not a match anymore. You just don't fit! It is no one's fault. Your needs changed.

The truth is, we are growing, evolving and changing everyday.

You attract into you life who you are.

When you make shifts and positive changes in your life, the relationships in your life must change too.

When a relationship ends, you make room for healthy new ones to help you and grow in your journey.

When the relationship feels icky and draining, trust that your heart is telling you something. It's time to make a change. Take the lessons with you from the relationship. Be eternally grateful for those lessons.

Now, new relationships in your life can step in and compliment your miraculous journey.

Stay the Course, the Universe is supporting you!

Love and Light,