Friday, December 7, 2012

Why Your Wide Awakening?

Yesterday, someone asked me why I named my blog, Your Wide Awakening. A few months back, I heard Katy Perry's song, "Wide Awake". I immediately downloaded it and BLASTED it in my car! At least 60 times that first day. Its a Cleansing song, a freeing song, and a celebratory song. I will always refer back to it after I have gone through a tough time.

The premise of the song is that she went through a divorce, learned so much about herself good and bad through the experience, grieved the loss, and came out stronger and more authentic having gone through it all.

I have had similar experiences through loss, anorexia, and depression. I bet you could name a few hard experiences that you have been through that made you stronger.

The video shows her younger self helping her current self. Our inner child knows our soul the best. The younger Katy shows tenacity and strength. Somewhere in our adult lives, many of us, lose sight of our dreams. Young Katy shows Current Katy that her dreams are still possible and that she will come out on top.

Speak to your inner child today. What would he/she want to be doing right now? I bet being authentic, happy, and carefree...the best version of yourself.

Love & Light,


P.S.: Be sure to check out the video of "Wide Awake" on my Facebook Page: Your Wide Awakening. :)Hope you enjoy!

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