Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Love Letter to the Universe: What's Yours?

I'm sick in bed and can't sleep so there is much time for Refection! I started playing a film reel in my mind of my many blessings. Do you have one of those? It's pretty cool to have this embedded in my brain even when I'm feeling this bad. It really has helped me heal so here goes. Here is my Love Letter to the Universe, who always has my back and has yours too...

Dear Universe,

I couldn't ask for much more. (But I still will! Ha!) I'm so grateful for everyone in my life. The kids are so loving who teach me valuable lessons everyday. I love seeing their glory and their faces light up each day as they give their gifts to the world. I will grow old with my handsome soulmate who has grown with me spiritually, mentally and physically. He has stood by my side through everything. Our love is everlasting. I will watch my sisters live the Dream with their wonderful husbands, all my joyful nieces and nephews who ALL shine, sustain amazing careers that help others, and grow as people. I'm so lucky to have such great role models. I am so lucky to have the greatest dad in the world who has accepted me and put up with many of my antics. His unconditional love is something I treasure. My kids, nieces, nephews are blessed to share his Light, Wisdom and Love. To my stepmom and in-laws who have given me unconditional support and always were there to help when I needed it. I am lucky to have you and so are my kids. To my friends who never left my side, I will watch you grow as women, mothers, wives and always support you no matter what, like you have me. To family members, old friends, stepbrothers and stepsisters, classmates, teachers, bosses, surrogate mothers who stepped in after my mom died, therapists, priests, I thank you for your service to improve my life and challenge me to be a better version of myself. I am a better person to be loved by you. To so many others who inspire me daily with your Light, I will be with you as you pursue your dreams and live you your best life. There is abundance for everyone!

Thank you Universe for blessing me with so much Love. I will continue to squeeze every bit of Goodness out of You each and everyday!

What's your love letter to the Universe? I challenge you to write one and watch your world change. I would be honored to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Gratitude really is the best attitude.

Love & Light Always,



  1. Hi Jensy! This is beautiful! On FB, I created a group called The Gratitude Project. Each day, over the next year and ending on Thanksgiving, our group shares 5 things they are grateful for. It is such an uplifting, healing experience that creates positive energy.

  2. What an awesome idea! Is this a group anyone can join? I will let people know about it if so!!