Monday, November 19, 2012

THREE Steps to Making Positive Shifts Today!

Last week, after I posted the blog about the "3 Types of People I have Been", I got asked the question, "How can I be the Purpose Oriented Person"? Many said they felt, lost, tired, uninspired, and even on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I have found through these 3 simple steps during my recovery of trying to figure IT ALL OUT it come down to this. Small shifts in daily life lead to a happier life. And it does get easier. And it can shift but these three ways always help me to REFOCUS and center myself.

For example, I am observing my second grader learn elementary math. Math has come fairly easy to her for her first two years in school. She is learning subtraction now and its not coming as quick. Each day she has sheet she practices filled with subtraction problems. And they don't skip the weekends. She has to do it then too. I notice her getting more and more confident as each day passes. The school did not start her at 20-11. She started at 1-1, or 2-1. That's what we can do. Start small, don't take the whole staircase, just take it one step at a time! YOU WILL GET THERE I PROMISE!

Step 1: Wake up with spring in your step!: The first thing I want you to do when you wake up in the morning is say "Thank you for giving me another day to live this wonderful journey, called Life!" Be grateful that you HAVE a job! And a house! And clothes! It may be difficult for the first couple of days, maybe first 2 weeks. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, before the kids and your furry kids get up, before the house is cranking its day to day business, and practice some gratitude. If your want to take a step further, exercise your body in a way that feels good to you. Stretching, yoga, running, walking, rowing, weightlifting are all great choices to give your body the love and attention it deserves, It needs this attention to give you the strength and vitality to make it through the day!

Step 2: Eat well.: Stop stuffing the Pop Tarts in your mouth before you head out the door. Make it a point to feed your body foods RICH in vitamins and nutrients. Your body needs whole foods to keep the soul inspired. Every BODY is different so I can't give you the specific foods that will work for you. But what I can say is eat WHOLE foods not boxed convenience items like cereal or donuts. Grab an apple and some oatmeal. Eggs with Ezekiel Toast. And if you have no time at all, my favorite has always been a Larabar and huge water bottle and off you go!

Step 3: Small Acts using your God-given Gifts: Turn off the TV, put the wine down, throw away the large bag of Doritos, or put out the cigarette. These coping mechanisms are nothing but a DISTRACTION to feeling what's in your heart! What is holding you back from your purpose? Your happiness? In most cases, its fear. And fear sounds like an excuse. Below, I have listed Wayne Dyer's list of excuses from his book "Excuse Begone" that just fell into my lap this summer (no coincidence, friends!) He's got 18 so hang on for a bit folks:

1. It will be difficult.
2. It's going to be risky.
3. It will take a long time.
4. There will be family drama.
5. I don't deserve it.
6. It's not my nature.
7. I can't afford it.
8. No one will help me.
9. It has never happened before.
10. I'm not strong enough.
11. I'm not smart enough.
12. I'm too old or not old enough.
13. The Rules won't let me.
14. It's too big.
15. I don't have the energy.
16. It's my personal family history.
17. I'm too busy.
18. I'm too scared.

If you are saying any of these things, these are what he calls "limiting beliefs". You have used these excuses in the past to cope with not living the life of your dreams. What have you got to lose? You already were given the gifts and talents that are UNIQUE to YOU at birth! Use those talents wherever you can and be of service to others with those gifts! Practice small acts each day with your God-given talent and amazing things, abundant things will begin to APPEAR in your Life. Its not Magic folks, You are what is MAGIC!

Next week, we will go you through some of these excuses, give you affirmations and tools to start the ball rolling. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgving with your families and friends.

Love & Light,

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