Monday, November 26, 2012

Change YOUR Excuses!

I was the Queen of Excuses. Because that meant if I used an excuse, I could avoid pain and never admit that I wasn't perfect. I'm simply done with that word "PERFECT"!

Take for example, cooking. I am not the best cook. I would love to hire a personal chef if I had unlimited resources. I used to say,"oh I was never taught how to cook", so I would never try a recipe! There are millions of people that have never been taught to cook. Ding ding- an excuse!

"If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses." -- Bruce Nauman

I had Thanksgiving here at my house. I infused love and joy into my cooking and did the best I could do. It went well (not gourmet!) by any means but I did it because it was a PRIORITY!

In Wayne Dyer's book, Excuses Begone, he states that excuses are false beliefs that have been conditioned in your psyche that you have reasoned to be true.

Let's take starting an exercise plan. Many of you believe that starting an exercise program will be DIFFICULT. Whats more difficult for your well being - staying overweight, lethargic, grumpy about how your clothes fit or that 45mins of day of exercise that gives you energy, confidence, and pizazz? And really, there is no evidence yet that the workout will be difficult, that's simply you and your monkey mind having a battle of fear and doubt. Decide for yourself what's a priority and what's not and stop making excuses!

Write down three things that you are "NOT" doing because "its too difficult, its will take a long time, there will be family drama, etc".

Now take a look at your list, weigh out the risks vs. the gains. I bet the gains far outweigh the risks.

I will use the cooking and exercise plan examples again.

1. I can't cook because its too difficult and I do not have time to teach myself.

GAINS (REWARDS!) if I learn to cook:
*I will teach my kids how to cook and entertain.
*I will have healthy meals prepared here instead of unhealthy fast food or rich restaurant dishes.
*I will gain more confidence as I learn new things.

*I will burn the food.
*It will taste bad.

Really? Are those things really that bad? I've been putting this off for years for fear of failure! I made this grand idea in my head that my meals should be Martha-esque and gourmet-tasty! I couldn't even boil eggs a few years ago! HA! I was too dang hard on myself to try. Now I'm getting out of my head and into the KITCHEN!

So now, I must make it a priority by carving out 45mins-1 hour a day researching recipes, putting that jazzy apron on and getting to work.

2. I can't exercise because its too difficult, my calves hurt, I don't have enough time and I don't have the energy.

GAINS (REWARDS!) if I exercise at least 30 minutes a day
*I will feel better and have more energy.
*I will have more confidence in my clothes and in my body.
*I will have increased health, sex drive, improved moods.
*I will combat heart disease, depression, stroke etc. through getting active.

*I will get hurt.
*I will be more tired.

These are just two Risks I could come up with. And here's why these are excuses, because you are simply doing the WRONG EXERCISE FOR YOUR BODY! Do not start out your exercise program doing boot camps where you are lifting weights way too heavy for your strength capacity! If you are more tired after your workout, you are SIMPLY doing the WRONG WORKOUT, folks! The workout should give you more energy and boost your MOOD. Start small ladies and gentlemen. Be gentle with yourself. Do not compare yourself to anyone in that gym or on the track. DO YOU!

What feels good to your body? Find that activity and do it.

Along with weighing out the risk vs reward, you could practice affirmations to tame that monkey mind telling you not to do it.

"You have all you need. You are strong, capable and worthy of living an abundant life."

Ask yourself: What are some things you are putting off today that you would like to change?

Love & Light,

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  1. I need to keep that in the forefront of my brain:
    I will teach my kids how to cook and entertain.
    *I will have healthy meals prepared here instead of unhealthy fast food or rich restaurant dishes.
    *I will gain more confidence as I learn new things.