Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poof: I'm Back!

Long time no see!

Yes, I have been absent for quite awhile. In short, the last year has been the greatest personal transformation I have had to date. I decided to leave my position at Fit & Healthy Schools to spend more time with my children. When I was with them, I was worrying about who could babysit them, what work I still had to do, where I had to be in an hour, etc. I couldn't give the job or the children the right amounts of quality time. I loved the position I held- very rewarding and in alignment with my healthy lifestyle and philosphy Yet, I felt imbalanced.

Turns out...(nope, no coincidences, my friends) It was the perfect choice! I learned to step back from my children and let them take their own leads in navigating the world. Lots of healthy choices were made regarding their education, extracurricular activities, discipline, and routines. (Let's forget August, where Jillian wouldn't go to sleep until 10 or so every night! Lots of signs went on her door stating: NO MONSTERS! A lot of tears were shed....I'm here to tell you we got through it!) We are understanding each other in a seamless fashion. No we are not perfect and nor we will ever be, but we are growing together in our individual ways and its AMAZING!

I had some lows in 2011. I broke up with a good girlfriend. It was my first relationship I had ever ended. (No judgements: Hey, I married my first boyfriend!) I was pretty heartbroken when it happened but since then I realized she came into my life for a reason. Good bad or indifferent- doesn't matter. It was God's plan for me, us, whatever. I had to sort out my emotions for a bit but after awhile I came to the conclusion it was the right choice to end the friendship. But on the flip side, I got to spend a week with my college friends in Jamaica, built stronger relationships with my other girlfriends, and met a few new friends that have turned out to be very special women in my life.

October, November, December- oh the joyous holiday months! And what a joy they were! Heavy planning of gift giving, parties, holiday shows, cookie baking,& football games made for a wonderful holiday season.

But what really brought me back to my blog is JANUARY 2012. I want to share with you my trip to Yogaville. I hope you get the chance one day to visit this little gold nugget tucked away in the mountains in the great state of Virginia.