Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taking "that" LEAP OF FAITH!

As I sit in the ballet studio waiting room..listening to muffled princess tunes through closed doors, I realize I am taking a big leap of faith at this moment. Jillian, my youngest daughter, is in potty training mode and dancing away beyond those doors with Big Girl Underwear on. Well, one of two things can happen, she could be leaping and twirling away all the while having a soaked leotard or - gasp- a slight bulge in there too!! OR, she could get through the class DRY, giving her self esteem a boost and keeping her on track to graduating to Big Girl underwear. YEAH! Freedom!

Sometimes you gotta take that leap of faith. That chance. That opportunity you don't want to pass you by. At least you took the CHANCE!

I remember when my husband was deciding whether or not to start his own business. He could chose to stay with the company he was working with, have a base salary and bonuses or a risk of starting his own business with unlimited potential for money and growth. HE chose the latter and WHAT a wise decision that turned out to be!!! Sure, he was apprehensive, but he knew his POTENTIAL and he never turned back!

I know Jillian's potential. She is smart, strong and capable. WE ALL ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE! You can do anything you put your mind to. Thoughts are things. So go out today and try something! Take that leap of faith! No how small or large the task. You miss 100% of the shots you never take-----so go ahead......LEAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!


  1. I love it! Very inspiring words, Jensy. All the best to your little girl in her "journey".

  2. I know Jillian can do it and hooray for you for "taking the leap". She can't fail with a great mom like you. I love your articles.

  3. awww guys....thanks!!! xox

    Alissa - you will be there before you know it!! ((hugs))