Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hi there! Did you all watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?? I like the way he took on this challenge....Visually changed minds of parents and kids by taking them to mortuaries with caskets triple the size of a regular one. He threw tons and tons of LARD in front of the students to show what they are eating over the course of a school year. Jamie took all the frozen pizzas, mozarella sticks, ice cream, pita pockets, etc out of a parent's refrigarator and told her this is KILLING her children. She went and buried her deep fat fryer right after that!

I Am anxious to see what he does in the other schools in WV! What a challenge but I know it can be done! If we all work together, we can all lead healthy happy lives! :) Let me know your thoughts on the show.


  1. Just finished watching it myself (2 episodes). Loved it! And I love that he's somewhat realistic about it all - not pushing dieting, just smarter choices and knowing what's in your food. I am absolutely flabbergasted that those 1st graders didn't know what a tomato was and that french fries come from a potato. I guess its not that surprising that we have this huge issue on our hands afterall. GO Jaime and kudos to you too Jensy for having a direct impact yourself!

  2. Thanks K! Its such a passion of mine! Yes, DIETing is not the healthily, portion control and eating treats in moderation is! :)

  3. Hello! Visiting from LBS Tea Party!

    First off, if that is you in the banner picture... you have a smokin' bod!
    Awesome picture! I'm a fitness buff too, so your blog is quite interesting to me! Can't wait to read some more, and browse around your site!

    New follower. ;)

  4. hey girl!! Love that you are fitness buff.....stop by anytime cutie! Keep rockin in the GYM! :)