Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Car = Personality Indicator??

Soooo...looking at old photos last night I came across a picture of my first car......ok, I did have a hand me down neon green Chevy Beretta first with a Fur is Dead bumper sticker (compliments of my environmentalist sister) but we had to trade that in and I Got to pick out my very own car.

I think I picked ME but in Car form? Is that even possible?

I picked out a Geo Tracker - which they don't make anymore. Why - you ask? Well its hard to replicate that strange uniqueness of an automobile......hence, me! Ahahahahahaha!

It was small, sturdy, survived many accidents, bumps, and again!

The little whip could barely make it over 80mph without!

It had a pink lighting stripe down the side to show that it even though it may be small, it could strike at anytime with a vengeance and could last in a fight even with a MACK truck! (My carpool will never forget that one!! ;)

The inside was cozy, had a great reliable soulful stereo, spirited, colorful confetti- like interior, had a lot of room to keep people comfortable and its greatest feature of all was you could take the top down at any moment to enjoy the view, the air, and all the world has to offer. The sky was the limit.

Little Miss Geo Tracker endured many wonderful experiences and mishaps but she is still around somewhere staying strong and following her dreams......

What was your first car?


  1. Hi, visiting from Lady Bloggers Society. Love your blog. As a Beach Body Coach and a Chiropractor by profession I totally get what your doing here. Following now so can't wait to read more. Hope you have an amazing day, Jamie

  2. awwww thanks girl!!! yep trying to change the world and I am gonna do it!! have a sunshiney day!