Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gonuts, mommy!

While shopping at the grocery store on Monday with my daughter, Jillian, who is 3, we came upon the bakery. She immediately pointed to a box of the most chocolately chocolate donuts! "Mommy, I want gonuts!" As you know, I am a health nut, so needless to say she didn't know how to pronounce DONUT. I felt sad and glad about this. Sad, that she had one or two experiences with donuts and glad, that she had one or two experiences with donuts!! HA!

Guess what I did, I bought the GONUTS!

Many people get trapped into labeling foods as "good" and "bad" foods. Food can have both positive and negative impact on your health. Some foods have more health benefits than others. But dividing foods into “good” and “bad” is not making us eat healthier. It make us want the "bad" foods more! I am not saying to go follow the Taco Bell Diet as hailed earlier this year (who wants a chronic stomachache!? NOT ME!) but eat a diet of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and lots of fruits and vegetables and the OCCASIONAL treat! Enough to savor the sweet tooth....I love a 1/2 cup of sorbet or my delicious 100 calorie, fiber rich, vitamin enriched VitaBrownie (www.vitalicious.com)

When you go on a diet (btw ever notice it has the word DIE in it!!!), you tend to crave what you "can't" have or whatever the "bad" food may be! Healthy living is about moderation and balance - that's it, that's all!

Pay attention to your body’s feedback. Slow down and listen. Chances are you will get a subtle message when you eat “junk” food for lunch that that didn’t feel so great. You will also get the message that having a cup of frozen yogurt after dinner is not such a bad thing either. Or a few bite size Gonuts. Eating the box and then buying more then next day to devour is "bad"! Practice my rules of moderation and balance and you will be on your way to healthy mind and body!

In health and love,

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