Friday, February 26, 2010

February is Heart Health Month

As the month's end is drawing near, I want to make sure we have given our HEARTS the LOVE it deserves. As Executive Director of F&H Schools, I mostly deal with children. We talk about what the heart does for us and how it keeps us healthy and strong. As a mother of two young girls too, I read them books about the heart. We read about love, valentines' day, caring and compassion which all come from the "heart". But, we also read about the most important muscle in the body and its functions too!

When talking to your children about their heart, make a fist to show them the size of their heart. Talk about how blood travels through their bodies just like water runs through pipes. Run around the backyard and then stop and explain how your heart is beating faster. This happens because the body needs more oxygen when you exercise. As you have cooled down, have them notice their heart rate and how their breathing has slowed down.

When you and your children begin to appreciate what your body does for you, you will begin to appreciate it more and give it the rest, exercise and healthy foods it needs to stay strong!!!

In health and love,

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